The New Normal

My last post on March 31st outlined the ever changing landscape of work during this pandemic. In that post, I talked about being able to sit in on the ideation/creation period of CastleBranch’s new Infectious Disease Solutions company. Since then, much has changed.

First and foremost; I find myself slowly but surely becoming a morning person. This is probably due to the consistency of having our 8am Executive meetings. I have been in the room with this group every weekday morning for almost two months. My role began simply: soak in as much knowledge as possible and take a note here or there. Since then, it has expanded tenfold.

In these morning meetings, for the most part I still sit and listen intently – but I have brought forth some interesting concepts and possible solutions. Being able to actually contribute to the company instead of just shadowing has been incredible. The opportunity to participate in the conversations and creation has been invaluable. Above all, the confidence I have amassed from of these successful C-suite individuals valuing my opinions has been career changing.

As for today – I’ve got a full plate. Some different teams and projects I’m on include:

- Heading partnership efforts

o Specifically focused on telemedicine and thermal imaging solutions related to COVID-19.

- Participating on the Thin Space team

o A group of individuals responsible for creating retreat centers and places which hone creativity and curiosity.

o This team will also construct the outlines for our future summits and conferences which CB plans to hold annually.

- Meeting one on one with founder

o Daily I get to learn and examine a true serial entrepreneur working on his craft.

o Learnings: Discussing the outcomes from the previous day, how to think in times of stress, having a vision and being able to express it so others can see it, honing and working on the creative muscle.

- Meeting one on one with president

o Learnings: How to control a team. All things strategy - good strategy and bad strategy. Understanding how to be a team player. The importance of using psychology to understand your team members and get the most out of them. How to sell a product; understanding your customers and market.

- Helping to manage the IDC (Infectious Disease Council)

o The council is comprised of 7 extremely reputable and successful individuals who will help guide our new company products with their immense knowledge and network.

- Shadowing a proven entrepreneur who has joined our team.

o Looking at opportunities within ‘big game hunting’ (targeting large corporate America clients/deals)

Having to juggle all of these different balls keeps my days ever changing – something I love. No day is boring. Being in the middle of all of this innovation feels natural and I cannot wait to be able to head a project like ours one day.

If you’d like to learn more about our new infectious disease products, click here:

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