Things To Know About Tel Aviv

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Tel Aviv was one of, if not, my favourite cities I’ve had the pleasure of travelling to along my journey. Below I’ll tell you a few reasons why.

I stayed at 117 Alleby st. during my week in town.

This location was perfect, just 75 meters away from the famous and lively Rothschild Blvd. On the corner of Allenby and Rothschild you can find an incredible brunch spot Benedict. I recommend the eggs benedict with avocado but they’re famous for their pancakes, you really can’t go wrong.

Another recommendation is gentlemens’ barber & shop. The owner and solo barber, Jian, is the man! I was one of his first clients in his newly opened location and he did a superb job… at least I think. Another cool note is Jian used to be in the high-tech industry when it was beginning to boom in Israel, then decided his life passion was not in that sector, so he moved back to London to eventually graduate from London School of Barbering.

Anita is a frozen yogurt/gelato spot, I bought some frozen yogurt and it was memorable but apparently the gelato is even better.

I have tagged more food stops on the map above with the green markers - other awesome noteworthy locations.

The only section of the city I heard tourists should avoid was around the central bus station (bottom right of the map) – listening to this information, I felt very safe during my entire stay.

The people were so kind, and the weather was absolutely perfect… 28 Celsius with a nice sea breeze to cool off the sun.

Two memorable experiences during my time in the city

Walking the incredible beaches and having awesome morning swims and workouts at one of the piers outdoor gyms - free of charge with an awesome lookout and breeze coming off the Mediterranean Sea.

Gym on the Banana Beach, Tel Aviv

Another that comes to mind is walking the Carmen market. This is another must do. It is tight quarters and might not be suitable for someone with claustrophobia or if they’re ailing from an injury or not strong on their feet; but the local juices, smell of the spices, and open market street is a happening spot.

Tech scene in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is lucky to have huge entrepreneurial spirit, with many start-ups, incubators, and accelerators located all over the city. Israel has on of the largest numbers of startups per capita in the world, around 1 startup for every 1,400 people! I had the privilege speaking to Daniel Chen, the founder of Ayeka - a beautiful and efficient accelerator and incubation facility located just a 10-minute walk from my place (bottom left of map).

I’d like to end my blog with some huge thank you’s. Thank you to my friends Itai and Robyn for extensive lists and information that made my experience in Tel Aviv easy and unforgettable. I’d also like to say thank you to the Freedman brothers – Lavie, Matun, and Hart for showing me some awesome parts of the city; and to their father David, for the wonderful dinner. To other friends and family who handed out pointers, I truly appreciate it.