Tech Helping the Journey – Communication

While I inhale my morning cold brew by Tokyo Station (downtown Tokyo), I am thinking about how fortunate I am to be able to use technology throughout my daily process.

One of the biggest advantages technology have given me is communication. Although I am across the world and currently twelve hours ahead of Halifax, I am still able to communicate with my family and friends at will. SIM cards can be picked up from kiosks in most international airports and that is what I did when I landed here in Japan. Although this one was a little more expensive, as most things are in Japan, it allows me the ability to communicate and have access to information whenever I need it; which is crucial.

The ability to call/FaceTime home every couple days has made me a lot more comfortable. Today is the Spring Equinox which is a National holiday in Japan. I walked out of my hostel this morning expecting to be bombarded by the busy streets of Tokyo, but instead it was quiet. This was really interesting and confusing to me (I had no clue of the holiday), and instantly gave me a feeling of being alone. The ability to take out my iPhone and FaceTime then and there kept me connected even while 10,780 kilometers away. Communicating with my parents briefly this morning allowed me to get off on the right foot to start my day, and I hope it brightened theirs before they went to bed!

Not only is communication key for friends and family, but it is also essential for the new wave of business. After the many conferences and meetings I have had the opportunity to attend; I see this as being a big leap for the future, having a company’s (especially tech) workforce living worldwide. Back to theteklife though, being able to talk to my boss every Tuesday night for our weekly recap and meet up has allowed me to have the clarity and guidance I need to execute the following week with precision and useful action. Speaking to my colleagues on the tekMountain team, creating meet ups with accelerators and technology companies worldwide would not be possible without this access. When I complete my global ambassador journey, technology will allow me to continue to remain connected to all of those individuals who have crossed my path these 10 months and possibly allow tekMountain to collaborate with them in the future.

The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace on the Spring Equinox