Spreading Too Thin

Vlogs, blogs, pictures, editing, interviews, meetings, website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube… It was not until after my last vlogging experience that I used honest vision to remember who I’m really targeting throughout this journey.

The basis and original idea for my trip was to take pictures and interview technologists. I want to expand tekMountain’s global network, while finding adventures/lessons along the way which help mold me into a more self-aware leader for the future.

I thought vlogging would open up another channel for more organic viewers. I hoped to reach millennials easier than a blog would based on how I like to digest information (visually). It wasn’t until my weekly meeting last week with my boss Brett when I realized I’ve spread too thin. Instead of mastering blogging, increasing my writing and interviewing skills, and bettering my photography, I was fixated that vlogs were the right decision.

While I enjoyed mastering vlog editing and following vlog professionals like Peter Mackinnon or Casey Neistat, I need to focus on content not quantity. I will still create some shorter minute long video content which conform to Instagram’s video time limit, but I want to hone in on my mission and not build unconsumed content.

My writing has already improved tenfold since the beginning of this journey and I’m excited to progress further. Interviews are becoming more like conversations and I’m finding more confidence and comfort in each and every one that passes. I enjoy the blog idea as well, as it lets you, the reader, take a little more time to stop watching information, instead allowing you to picture me sitting here writing this post alone in a Russo Coffee, downtown Calgary, dreading the 15 minute walk back to one of my childhood best friends Riley’s apartment in -25 Celsius weather.

Listening to hundreds of the world’s top technologists and Web Summit, CES, and Start-up San Francisco, and interviewing many up and comers, I forgot to remember an extremely important lesson that many of the aforementioned shared:

“Focus not breadth. When you’re starting a business, or actually this works with most things in life – don’t be alright at a lot of things, you have to remember to first get great at one or a few things.” – Alexis Ohanian at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, this past November.

I am excited for you to keep up with my journey through photos and blogs. I hope to continue linking business and life lessons to real-world examples as I iterate this journey known as theteklife!

View of Downtown Calgary from Riley & Pat's Apartment