November 9th, 2018 - Day 9 - Lisbon

Today put me out of my element.

Since I am structuring my search around the globe towards millennials; I always wondered if blogs were the right outlet to convey my messages.

Although I plan on continuing to create daily content on my website, I stepped outside my comfort zone and I have started a vlog (video blog). Please subscribe to my YouTube account ‘thetekLIFE’ to keep up to date with future vlogs.

I was hesitant on this decision. It is very intimidating to get in front of a camera, walk down the street talking to it, make it interesting and educational, and not feel weird when you’re well… walking down the street talking to a camera.

I went out yesterday and bought a microphone and a gorillapod (both will be displayed in my next vlog) since that is what every other famous YouTuber told me to buy during my 5-hour deep dive in how to perfect this craft.

Even though I had fun trying it out, today was shaky… many mistakes were made, the largest being when you have a camera in hand you should still look both ways before you cross the street (0:40 I almost get hit by a bus). That being said the final product is one that I am proud of. It is my first time trying to vlog, editing the footage, and having the courage to put it out there!

Tomorrow I will create my second vlog explaining the do’s and don’ts that I struggled with, and where I plan on improving. I can’t wait to continue in this medium and share it with you all!

Here is vlog #1: