November 1st, 2018 – Day 1 - Lisbon

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Sitting staring at the locked door of my hostel this morning, understanding check in was not until 3pm and it was 6:30am, I knew I would be off to an eventful start to my journey in Lisbon.

Changing my frown to a grin was an unbelievable coffee shop right next door. I sat and had a coffee and some breakfast, stretched my legs, and began to examine my possibilities while still carrying a suitcase.

After dragging out my breakfast for far longer than it needed to be, eventually, the doors opened at the hostel around 9am.

The waitress and the hostel concierge both suggested on my first day with no knowledge of the city to go to ‘LXFactory’. LX is 3.6km away from my hostel and notorious for millennial tourists.

As I ran down an avenue downtown Lisbon to the Tagus river, all I could smell was pastries. I swear they have a shop on every corner. Not only that but I was shocked by the beautiful buildings and statues at every turn… I don’t know how I’m going to only choose one photo a day of this city; it deserves 10.

I got to LX pretty quickly it was the perfect temperature for a run and the new scenery made it breeze by. After roaming around I began realizing that there is far less English as a first language millennials than I was anticipating. I learned later from the hostel concierge Matt that most of Portugal’s tourists are fellow EU members.

After some food and no new friends, I decided it was time to run back home, it was approaching 2:30, check in was at 3, and after all I’m trekking on 2 hours of sleep.

The run home was nothing short of torture. As I said previously I was running down the avenue, this run was up it. After 4 breaks I made it back, thinking less of myself than I did before… its day one so only up from here. Loving Lisbon.

Excited to go out and get my first interview.

Entrance to the LXFACTORY