November 19th, 2018 - Day 19 - Porto

Today was a long one.

Between going to a physio clinic in the morning to examine my knee, packing up and checking out of my old spot to leave Lisbon, travelling four hours on a not so spacious bus to Porto, and moving into my new airbnb (quite happy with it), I am exhausted.

Part of this journey for me is to find my fears, weaknesses, and strengths. Over the next year and a half I plan to discover, practice, and hone these attributes, becoming a more well rounded man. One thing that I think can benefit everybody is building process. Building process is to build repetition, and with repetition comes habit. For me, I enjoy having reminders for tasks I must complete. Without reminders my mind might race somewhere else to something I am more interested, or something that just entices me at the moment. I have began to journal what I must do the next day every night before bed, and it has really helped me keep on track - building process.