November 17th, 2018 - Day 17 - Nazare

On to the next one.

Lisbon was an absolute pleasure, but man is Nazare insane. The 45+ foot waves do not get the justice they deserve in pictures. When looking down on them from the famous Nazare lighthouse only one word comes to mind: ‘ferocious’. They are so loud, so powerful, and have such a majestic beauty to them...from afar of course.

For those unaware, since November 1st and until mid December, I am on my pre-trip. This essentially means I follow the plans I created in Wilmington and Halifax with my company, family, and friends, but I look out for things that I could improve for the future and tweak to perfection during my Christmas break. Come January when I start up again I will have a solid structure. A couple examples of some changes:

1. For my journey and search, fourteen days is definitely long enough for one location. I think that 14 will be the maximum going forward and if somewhere does not offer as much knowledge or connection as somewhere else I will move on.

a. Travelling to locations near the cities I land in will be something I will continue to do more of. The change of scenery, demographics,

and individual ideas are refreshing and exactly what I am looking for.

b. It is not that I ran out of things to do in Lisbon, I just began to start feeling a little stagnant. I enjoy the continuous movement and work that has been created with the process of my journey, and sitting in one spot for too long I fear could slow my process and pace.

2. Packing three bags increases European flight fares (Ryanair) in most cases by more than double… it’s where they get you! In the future I will decrease my baggage and only bring the essentials.

This past week has been difficult from a movement standpoint. I injured my knee during a run earlier on Monday. Instead of continuing North to Porto from Nazare (which is halfway between Lisbon and Porto), I have to drive back to Lisbon for another evening tomorrow night. I have a doctor's appointment Monday at noon to figure out what I have done, hopefully nothing too severe! After that I will be in Porto for a week, then, off to Barcelona to finish up the pre-trip.

I have been filming some really exciting stuff from this week. Reading and watching how to edit and film has consumed much of my spare time and I am excited to put some of my new knowledge to the test. The new structure is to release a weekly vlog every Sunday or Monday. Be on the lookout this week.

Thank you for the continuous support and encouragement, excited to keep up the tempo, and find more knowledge and adventures.

Cliffs Before the Waves and Lighthouse. Just a Teaser - Nazare

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