Introduction of ThinSpace

The acronym OADN recently took on greater significance for me. OADN stands for the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing and over the past couple weeks I was introduced to some major players in the healthcare space. The CEO of the company, some deans for nursing schools across the US, and other key figures in the hospital and educational spaces came for a 2-day workshop here at CastleBranch.

Instead of meeting in a boardroom and discussing current issues, like all other meetups – CB decided to change it up. We put our five important guests up in a beautiful, relaxing private home, with ample ability for creativity and ‘thin space’. This concept of thin space is interesting – it’s a space that inspires creativity. A couple examples would be: on a paddleboard in the middle of a lake, sitting in a lazy boy overlooking beautiful oceanfront, having hors d’oeuvres next to a fireplace listening to light jazz… hopefully you’re beginning to get the picture.

As the only onsite permanent resident for these guests, I served as their liaison and joined them for their welcome dinner. Conversations touched on student debt, all things NCLEX, transition to professional practice, and nurse retention. But what I found most interesting was observing how the calm, relaxing setting served a depth of conversation for our group. These guests dove into issues with passion, creativity, and clarity.

On their second to last day came an excellent opportunity. I gave a six-minute presentation on the Global Ambassador Program, and my journey over the past year to our key guests from the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing. This was an opportunity that would have taken 1000 hours of work for me to build alone, and yet here it was. Presenting is a strength of mine; I went in confident and delivered. Later, during their closing work sessions the content of my presentation was applied to the issues in their discussions. I have now established meaningful personal and professional connections with this powerful group of individuals. I look forward to the next opportunity to take CastleBranch guests on a journey through thin space and am always inspired by the conversations that result.

If you too want to watch my presentation and hear a little more about my 10-month journey across our world; please send me an e-mail and I can forward you the video clip.