Interview 16 - Tori Martocci

I had the privilege of interviewing Tori in Silicon Valley (Mountain View, specifically) at the Google Campus. It being my first-time experiencing Google Campus and the Googleplex, I was blown away by the sheer size. Of course, as one of the world’s leading companies, security was tight. I was made to wear a name tag and in order to enter any building I had to be side by side with Tori the entire time. After taking in the magnitude of the campus that stretched for blocks, one of the first things I noticed was how happy all the employees were as they biked (free bike sharing all throughout campus) or walked from building to building. There were cafeterias and food trucks located all throughout the campus that if you have a google badge (stating your employment) you get to eat for free. After visiting, you can see why Google is one of America’s premium companies for employee satisfaction.

Tori has been working at Google for three years, starting back in March of 2016. After attending college just North at UC Davis, grabbing a degree in biological sciences; Tori had her mind set on med-school. Eventually deciding against this option, Tori went to bio recruitment, which she did for three years. Once experienced in this sector, Tori transferred over to technical recruiting and that is how she began her relationship with Google. Tori now works at Google as a program manager in employee referrals.

What is the atmosphere like working at Google?

“We are a really large company and we will be continually growing. We have around 100,000 employees globally stretching from all over the USA, into Canada, we have a large hub in Dublin Ireland, another headquarters in Singapore, and we are now stretching in to India.”

I stated that when I was walking around campus I noticed there was a decent number of young millennial employees. Tori responded saying that Google itself is not actually that old of a company, originating in 1997. She then stated how upper management is older and have been in the tech game for quite some time, but the average age of an employee would be late twenties to early thirties. Afterwards Tori stated how Google is continually looking for diversity amongst their employees as they’re making products for everybody; so they have to match that inclusion and diversity inside the company.

“Besides being very intelligent, all my co-workers are extremely kind and empathic and go out of their way to help others. Everyone is very team orientated here…and it’s super motivating.”

Every week, Larry Page, Sergey Brin (company founders), and Sundar Pichai (company CEO) hold something that is called TGIF. This is like a town hall meeting where the original founders of Google speak to the employees, about new products and things that are going on in the company… pretty awesome if you ask me.

Being part of the hiring process at Google, What would you consider a model applicant?

“There is no such thing as one perfect person. Everyone I work with has come from such different pasts and backgrounds. I have some colleagues that were previously lawyers! What we are looking for are very smart people obviously, people who work well with teams across different regions, and not to sound generic but you have to be able to think outside of the box. Being able to think about scalability and bringing new ideas to the table since everything done here has such a large impact globally. Google’s mission and goal is to make information accessible to everyone and make their products useful to everyone worldwide.”

What is the future of technology? Where are we heading?

“Everything that Google has created is in effort to make useful products that can be used by everyone and make people’s lives easier. With this mission in mind, Google has invested a ton of money into machine learning and artificial intelligence. With this as a goal, it is also important to be thoughtful about the technology we’re creating because we want to create things that are good for humans. We need to make sure we are thoughtful and stop for a second to understand that our technology is being beneficial to society and not getting carried away.”

What an experience this was. Thank you Tori for allowing me to come see the campus and learn more about what it is like to work in one of the world’s premier technology giants. Google is very inclusive and I was amused to see that Tori was yielding an iPhone and working off of a MacBook… nice to see Google does not mind some ‘cross contamination’ in employee devices!

Tori and I at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California