Interview 13 – Camden Weis

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Camden Weis is 24-years-old living in Wilmington, North Carolina. He was on the founding development team of tekMountain back in 2013/14. After graduating with a degree in Business from UNCW in the summer of 2017, Cam helped spearhead DAS Analytics; a vendor agnostic data science consulting firm headquartered out of Richmond, Virginia.

DAS specializes in advanced analytics, machine learning, and custom application development. They do this with help from their strongest partner of over a decade, IBM. For those readers less technical, this is everything from analytics advisory services like data science and data roadmap consulting; meaning if you have a pain point or problem, DAS can come in and see if their technology can help you solve this. Some examples would be: What data are you collecting? How are you managing it? What is the data doing for you? IF you had product A selling only weekdays and product B only one size on the weekends; DAS can timestamp data to show you that you could be more profitable selling product A everyday and two sizes of product B on the weekends, using data science. “When people ask me what I do, I always resort to: I solve business challenges and pain points through the application of technology.”

How has the company grown since you’ve joined?

“Realistic expectations are critical. Did I think it would be easy? No. I did however think that the market would be more receptive to the services that DAS brings. The whole machine learning AI wave made me think people would want to come out of their comfort zone sooner.”

Cam says they have some very cool engagements going on in the analytics world that weren’t even thought about 3-5 years ago. Alternatively, the scalability element of DAS selling an analytics off-the-shelf product versus consulting services engagements has been something he and the team have been wrestling with. Getting to the proposal stage is easy. Many businesses are interested. But getting a cheque is difficult, because these businesses still finding it too risky to be an early adopter of the machine learning and AI solutions DAS brings.

More recently, Camden has helped spearhead the implementation of DAS using some capital to invest in start-ups. “Venture capital is something I’ve always been interested in, and now a focus of ours is how to utilize DAS’ strength areas to invest in some moonshot ideas.” Cam also hopes to be international by the end of the year as DAS has been having some positive conversations with companies around the globe.

What do you think tomorrow’s technology is? What will it bring?

“Data is the new oil. With the data processing and crunching iteration I’ve seen in just the past two years, AI’s ability is growing on an exponential curve – we cannot comprehend where it will be in 15 years. I also see a big disruption coming in the Content and Records Management Market or (ECM). Digitizing content and creating electronic workflows and processes is what the company was founded on 30 years ago. Seeing how that has evolved over DAS’ history has been cool, and I see content and document organization within companies changing drastically. One startup DAS has invested in is at the forefront of disruption in the ECM market. Another, is applying an AI video analytics model to bars, restaurants, club venues, and retail locations. Imagine owners/managers having a dashboard of insights based on their customer’s traffic and drink preferences.

Camden is my closest friend in Wilmington. When I arrived at Brett’s (friend and founder of tekMoutain) house on day one of my internship this past summer, Cam came up and openly introduced himself. Since then he has shown me the ropes of the city, opened up his friend-group to me, and he has even shown me a thing or two at work, as he is a tenant at tekMountain. For all of the things I’ve previously listed, I’d like to let him know I am very thankful!