Interview 10 - Rosa Gonzàlez

Rosa is 25 years old and originally from Madrid. Two and a half years ago Rosa moved to Barcelona and joined BYHOURS, where she now operates as their PR Manager.

The best way to describe BYHOURS would be through an example: Imagine Gerry and Kat are travelling to another city for a 3 to 12 hour stop, most likely for meetings and/or business. BYHOURS has partnerships with over 3,000 hotels internationally so these individuals do not need to sit in a Starbucks or the airport for their five hours of off time. Regularly hotels only book per evening, BYHOURS allows you to book into a hotel (from 3-5 Star range) for three, six, and twelve hour increments; known as microstays. Gerry and Kat can relax and enjoy a short stay in a comfortable hotel through BYHOURS.

If you are curious to learn more you can download their app for free, visit their website, or shoot me a message.

How have you seen growth in your company? Has it come quicker or slower than you expected?

Founded in 2012, the company has grown and expanded from Spain to all over Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. Located in Barcelona Tech City, BYHOURS has their own sector for all 43 employees. BYHOURS is currently fundraising with ambitions to integrate into the American and Canadian markets.

In 2016 when Rosa joined the team, BYHOURS was only in Europe. In the short two and a half years Rosa has been with the company they have expanded into several different countries and markets and are now partnered with around 3,000 hotels. Rosa says BYHOURS has seen consistent growth since she joined and she does not see them slowing anytime soon. Today, BYHOURS serves 250,000 clients worldwide. Rosa said that integrating tomorrow’s technology like VR into their app will be key for their future success. Every new generation is adapting to these new technologies younger and younger so this trend will continue into the future – and BYHOURS has to be ahead of the curve.

How do you personally define ‘success’? How does BYHOURS?

Rosa says that success for BYHOURS is global expansion; operating a global platform. Once the company is integrated into every continent then they will have reached a major goal.

A successful day for Rosa personally is when she gets interviews and inquiries from the United States or countries that they are looking to operate in. She noted that content follow ups with their current partners is also a successful feat during a workday.

How is BYHOURS perspective on millennials? Do you believe the myths about millennials to be true?

At just 25, I was interested to see how this up and coming tech company viewed millennials. Shocking to me, Rosa said that through all their C-Suite and regular employees combined, the average age of a colleague is 28. BYHOURS has an extremely millennial-focused environment. I had to wonder if that was aiding their continued success. Rosa said that not only are their individuals millennials, but their company mindset is mapped out to be a more millennial perspective. Some examples she explained as, marketing through social media and understanding how the new travellers will utilize their app to the fullest.

Rosa says that she does not believe millennials are lazy or do not want to work – she believes that we are trying to set up new opportunities in business. She says that we do not want to follow the traditional path of business because we want to be able to have input and actually benefit companies, as opposed to being a bottom feeder in a larger enterprise. Rosa said that salary is not the main motivating factor for millennials. Instead, millennials prioritize creating an impact.

I have downloaded BYHOURS and the app is very simple to use. I am excited to give it a try if I am making a quick stopover in a city along my journey. We shall see how BYHOURS does with their integration into the US and Canada, hopefully it will become another app that is a household name.