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December 8th - Day 38 - Barcelona

After moving into an Airbnb from my Hostel today, I walked five minutes down the road to Casa Batllo.

If you’ve been to Barcelona you probably know who Antoni Gaudi is. If not, he was a famous architect around the city who built abstract buildings like this one all throughout Barcelona.

The exterior design of this now famous museum was based off the legend of Saint George, the patron saint of Catalonia. It is said that Saint George killed the dragon (which is represented by the tiles on the roof) to save the princess. The balconies represent skulls of the past princesses which the dragon killed. The very top central balcony represents the rose that formed from the dragons blood which George then gave the princess when he saved her.

Based off this story, every April 23rd Barcelona has ‘Saint Jordi’s Day’. On this day men give their special someone a rose.