Chasing Technology

Many of you might be asking yourself – why was he in Tokyo? Why was he in Los Vegas? The only way to answer this question is that I am just trying to find the next technical wave. This statement means: by traveling the world, I will be able to surf different ecosystems of entrepreneurs and innovation. Then, I will use this knowledge to improve myself and grow tekMountain. Being able to think with a mindset that is not just fixated to one demographic or geographical location is crucial for understanding how to market a product on a global scale.

There are three main attributes that a city must have in order for it to be eligible for a potential ‘next wave’ location. The first, is it a tech hub of the world? Is it innovative? Are patents and start-ups being formulated? For example, San Francisco has always been considered the top for innovative and technological cities, so that is why I was in town this past February. I recently left Tokyo, a visit inspired by Business Insider, which stated that Tokyo was the world leader in innovation for 2018.

The second attribute, is there a conference or technology gathering happening in this location? At the beginning of my trip Web Summit was being held in Lisbon, so I was there for that gathering of technical minds. More recently, I attended CES in Vegas. I have had the unique opportunity of attending the two biggest tech gatherings of the year, something that I will never forget and both experiences taught me more than I could have imagined.

The last attribute - does tekMoutain or do I personally have any connections or leads in the location that will help accelerate my productivity? For North America personal leads came easy. Someone on the tekMountain team would know someone in California, for example, and I am lucky to have friends and family all across the Canadian provinces. Once I left the continent this became a little more scarce, but I am still finding friends and extended friends even all the way here in Singapore! For the future I’m excited to expand on my past connections I’ve made during my trip and utilize their networks for future connections when I arrive to new cities.

Within those three criteria the concept of geography comes into play for the timeline. This is to save money and lower my carbon footprint. Simply put it makes more sense to fly from Tokyo to Hong Kong than it does Tokyo to London.

It is also important to note that I found out early, back in November when I was in Europe, that I do not need to stay put in one location for more than a week. Being in Lisbon and Barcelona for 14 days I began to feel stagnant and unmotivated. Now I travel every seven days to a new location.

Looking at VISA processes as well as what is happening at a certain time in a given location has structured me to go with the itinerary that I am currently on. Within the spots I have chosen I am looking for opportunity for self-reflection, leadership, and self-awareness activities along the way.

Subject to potential flight changes or natural causes – this was/is my itinerary for the end of March and following months until June:

Tokyo March 20th – 27th

Hong Kong March 27th – April 3rd

Singapore April 3rd – April 10th

Bangalore April 10th – April 17th

Sub-Saharan Africa April 17th – April 24th

Dubai April 24th – May 1st

Tel Aviv May 1st – May 7th

Milan May 7th – May 14th

Berlin May 14th – May 21st

Copenhagen May 21st – May 27th

Amsterdam/London May 27th – June 4th

Fly back to Halifax from London June 4th

If you have any connections or knowledge of any things to do or see in these places; please reach out to me. Excited to continue to learn and spread tekMountain’s brand globally.

At the top of Suicide Cliff in Kowloon, Hong Kong