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"Where the millennials go, the world is going"

Brett Martin - CEO and Founder of Castle Branch & tekMountain

"While the world is a goldmine, you need to go digging in other people’s heads to unearth the riches"

Tim Ferriss - Tools of Titans

Back On the Vlogging Train

Hey Everyone,

I've decided to jump back into vlogging. Knowing I spend numerous hours a week scanning YouTube - as a millennial searching for likeminded individuals, this seems like the best tool to gain organic traffic. This video is of myself exploring San Francisco. It was nice to get back into the swing of things and I believe the content will begin to come together easier as time passes. In my next vlog I tour you around GSV Labs. I plan on creating some informative videos along the way; maybe beginning with explaining blockchain in a 2 minute clip - let me know what you think!