Before the Journey - Halifax

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

As I sit at the Saint Mary's Boat Club tennis courts, 100m away from my house (great perk), drenched in sweat from a tough set against my mother Kathy, I am a day away from lift off. On November 1st, 2018 I will begin my journey around the world – a journey to investigate technology, to talk to millennials and thought leaders, and the journey of building self leadership, belief, and awareness.

I have been a Haligonian (slang for someone from Halifax) since my family moved here in 2003 from Prince George, British Columbia; the opposite side of Canada.

Living in the same neighbourhood for my teen and early adolescent years you would be fair to assume the streets near by are filled with stories... all good of course.

I spend most of my days with my parents, Kathy and Louis, and my sister and brothers, Claire, Remy, and Finley (also referred to as our dog).

When I have some free time I typically enjoy spending it with my friends and doing some activity outdoors. If there is a tennis or basketball court near by, I would probably be on it.

As a city with a full four seasons it would not be right to leave out the winter activities. I always thought I was better at hockey than I was. Once I started becoming aware of my skating ability compared to that of my friends, I knew it was time to switch my focus to another sport. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains we were lucky to get unbelievable skiing at a young age in locations such as Whistler and Banff. Skiing in Nova Scotia is a little different. We share a cottage with the rest of my mom’s side of the family in Wentworth, our glorified speed bump we call a ski hill. Well, it isn’t that bad… given the opportunity I would take a weekend down with family and friends over pretty much anything.

My time spent indoors is like many other millennials: video games, YouTube, the occasional sociable with friends, and Netflix.

It wasn't until university, which I just graduated from this past May, that I began becoming more curious about technology. In my 3rd and final 4th year I got to enroll in more of Acadia University’s entrepreneurial classes. Wordpress, AI, IoT, and coding captured my attention and inspired me to reevaluate the world through an entrepreneurial lens.

In October of my fourth year I got on the phone with my dad’s longtime friend Brett Martin, the owner of tekMountain and CastleBranch. I was offered a 6-week intensive internship to learn about technology and the trials and tribulations of all the businesses that are tenants in the tekMountain innovation space.

Sitting at our intern table in the tekMountain office building, where high ceilings and floor-length windows inspire innovating thinking, my mind was opened. My passion and drive to learn about technology took off. With the help of my mentor and boss, Brett, along with the rest of his unbelievable staff, I have created this website and taken on this role as tekMountain’s Global Ambassador.

Tomorrow I will depart. I cannot wait to take this journey with you.

View of Halifax's North West Arm from the St. Mary's Boat Club