My name is Marc Boileau

Age: 24


From: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

School: Graduated May 2018 from Acadia University with a Bachelors Degree in Business, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Work: Management Consultant for CastleBranch


Worked as the Global Ambassador for tekMountain

Reason for thetekLIFE:

LIFE: Leadership, Innovation, Fears, Experiences

Tomorrow's technology can stem from anywhere in the world. Exploring the world's tech hubs, as well as other cultures and continents; I found different insights and ideas of the future.


Along this journey I've managed to discover more about myself. Eventually I hope to further my studies and gain admission into a prestigious MBA program.

Searching for:


Knowledge and network.


Thought leaders and technologists.


Myself: What really drives me, self leadership, self awareness, and self belief.


Millennials, people like myself; the future drivers of business and technology worldwide.

Reason for Becoming an Entrepreneur:

My 4 F's:



- Passion for creativity and curiosity


- Creating jobs and opportunities for others

- Starting something from nothing


- Solving real world problems


- Creating own agenda and timelines. Being incharge of yourself.